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Waiting on Fate:…
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In Your Eyes:…
Oneshot (contains minor ItaHana)

Lucky Prize:…
Multi-chaptered (3) – On Going

* NarutoForums Fanclub:…
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The rules have changed and we have our writer, so now we only need two more artists! :)
Just drop a note/comment whenever you're interested in joining ^^


Hello, dear members :)

Some pairing-groups got together to host an awesome event. It will be a month full of fun games, contests and challenges. And you can join in name of our group and pairing and win awesome prizes!

I hope you want to join :D

If you've read all information, but you still have questions left, just drop a comment or note :)


♥ Naruto Lovefest Info ♥

The festival will last for 4 active weeks. Every week will have a separate theme and each of the weeks will consist of the following events -  Main Attraction, Challenge Days and Mini Games.

The event is designed for participation in teams of four people and at least one of those four has to be a writer!

Team members example:

Member1 - Writer
Members2,3,4 - Artists


Members1,2, - Writers
Members3,4 - Artists

Teams will represent a pairing of the group where they apply for this event. If you want to represent our group’s pairing, apply here, if you want to represent another pairing, ask us to refer you to the group in charge.

Everything you draw/write will have to be related to the pairing you represent, and you compete with other teams of your, and different Naruto pairing.

Teams will participate in the following events:

• Main Attraction •

Every active week will have it’s Main Attraction, so that means there will be total of 4. This is a mandatory event and all teams have to have an entry for it!

Every week will have it’s own theme, and teams’ task will be to draw or write something for that particular theme. It will be specified what exactly is your task, and what will be your team’s formation.

* Formations apply to whether you will have to pick one representative or have two or more, do a collaboration of some sort. Choice of members you will enter in the formation is completely up to you.

I repeat, Main Attraction is a mandatory event, meaning that every team has to submit their entries for it.

The schedule of all the events will be announced right after the applications close, before the active weeks start.
Everyone will know the themes and formations in advance and will have plenty of time to organize how they will decide to compete.

• Challenge Days •

There will be two in total. This event is optional, but it will be a good way to earn some extra fest points, and doesn’t require much effort.

If you chose to participate in Challenge Days, you will chose one person in your team to represent you. Your representative will challenge another pairing team to a duel. It will either be artist vs. artist or writer vs. writer. And you will compete in a small challenge like doodling, or writing a 20 word story.

If you decline a challenge, the challenger’s team will win all the points.
If you accept, both get points for participation, but there will also be a winner who will earn more points.  

Your team can only challenge one team per Challenge Day, and you can only accept two challenges per day. Note that not all the challenges have to be done by the same person.
If a third team challenges you, you @ tag-a-kage,  and say that your team has already taken maximum challenges allowed. When kage confirms, no one will win points.

• Mini Games •

As the name says, are short games/quizzes that allow you too win points completely without drawing/writing. There will be multiple of these, such as scavenger hunt, trivia, guess who etc. Attending the mini games is optional. But, again, there are bonus points awarded.

♥ Participation and applications ♥

• Application status - OPEN .̉  Closing date [Until further notice]•

There are two ways for you to apply.

1. You can apply  as a single member, and kage will form a team consisting of you and such other applicants.

2. You can apply as a four-men-team. Meaning that you have to find your other three teammates on your own (ask your friends or fellow members to be a part of your team).

Keep in mind that there can only be three teams per one pairing. If we receive more applications than we can take, we will have to ask you to apply as a team for another pairing. You don’t have to follow through this if you don’t want to, it’s up to you.

To apply for this event, simply send a note directly to your kage, me.

The note should consist of the following information:
• Your area of expertise [writer or artist]
• List of teammates and their abilities [writer or artist]. Skip if applying as a single.
• Who will be your team leader? [This you should decide with your teammates. A team leader should be the most active person on your squad] - If you are applying as a single, let me know if you are willing to be a team leader.
• In case we are already full and can’t accept more applications, tell us if you are wiling to represent another couple and what that couple may be?

We will do our best to sort out Main Attractions in a way everyone gets a break and everyone gets enough time to complete the mandatory tasks. The reason why you are competing in teams is precisely so you don’t have to shoulder everything alone in such a big event.

♥ Judging and Prizes ♥

To ensure fairness, judging for the Main Attraction will be done on three different levels.

1. Public voting via polls. [Everyone can vote]
2. Judges awarding points [Only a selected team of judges can award these points]
3. Kage’s decision [Kages award special points to their favorite entries. Kage can’t award these points to teams who represent their pairing.]

Voting/judging will be done in between the active weeks, and results will be published asap.

Fest points for challenges and mini games will be awarded by judges or kages.

We need unbiased judges! If you want to be a judge you must respect all pairings of our alliance! Send us a note if you are willing to take a position.


1ST Place:
xxxx :points: for each team member.
Special gift from Marianne-Pet
Llamas from all the kages

2nd Place:
xxx :points: for each team member.
Special gift from Marianne-Pet
Llamas from all the kages

3rd Place:
xxx :points: for each team member.
Special gift from Marianne-Pet
Llamas from all the kages

People who wish to donate prizes of any kind, please send a note to Marianne-Pet. If you are a prize donor, you can still participate in this event. We thank you in advance!
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Group Info

This club is for Aburame Shino x Inuzuka Hana (Kiba's older sister), a crack pairing from Naruto.
ShinoHana, ShinoxHana, HanaShino, HanaxShino
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Mar 7, 2009


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Fan Club

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We love affiliates! :) But we don't accept affiliations with hate and anti-groups. Sorry.

Does your group have an event/contest coming up? Let us know and we will add it! :)

Who?: :iconfc-suika:

What?: SuiKa goes Road to Ninja Contest

Due date?: August 31th

Want to know more?:

Prizes: The FC only have points and drawings by me, but if you wanna cooperate with prizes would be nice.

Thank you so much!!
WHO: :iconnaruto-artists:
WHEN: August
SIGNUPS/INFO: NaruFest SIGN UPS!!! LAST Chance to SIGNUP!EDIT We just need 7 MORE! If you can fill in a team that isn't empty
:bulletpink:  June 1 - July 20  ::  SIGN UPS (or until limit reached)
:bulletpink: WEEK 0 :: July 21 - July 27:: Opening ceremonies ; introduce the teams, get their insignias and TEAM  names; each team starts deciding who does solo missions on what week.
:bulletpink:  WEEK 1 ::  July 28 – August 4:: TEAM EVENT : Scavenger hunt ; SOLO EVENT : Tag-team (2) Drawing battle
:bulletpink:  WEEK 2 ::  August 4 – August 12 :: TEAM EVENT : Collaborative Drawing ; SOLO EVENT : Writing Battle
:bulletpink:  WEEK 3 :: August 9 – August 18 :: TEAM EVENT : Round Robin ; SOLO EVENT : Drawing battle
:bulletpink:  WEEK 4 - 5 :: August 16 – August 31 :: TEAM EVENT : Major Project ( choices : AMV, Manga, Calender, multi-chapter story) ; SOLOS (tbd)
:bulletpink: ~ Sept 20 ::  Winners announced

NOTE: Limited slots
PRIZES: Lots! But more importantly it's a fun event that you get to play with a team, drawing, writing and battling out with other contestants! Come for the Prizes, but stay for the SCAVENGER HUNT, COLLABORATIVE BATTLES, One-on-One Battles, and so much more!!



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Actually Yakumo is more little student of kurenai before she has team8 ^^ in filler anime, not her sister ^^!
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